Okay so I've been dreaming of this table for FOREVER. I asked Nick if he could help me make it and he said yes! However, I probably could have figured it out myself now that I know how to use a drill lol. *This is not a hammer and nails type project...lol.*

First you need to lay out the bins. I put painters tape around mine to get the measurements. My table is 30x36.

Then head to home depot. We got two pieces of five inch width wood because my bins were five inches tall and I wanted it to have sides that they fit in without it going over the top. I forgot how many inches they were, but we needed two to make the 36x30 work. We also got one piece for the legs that was 92 inches long which would have been perfect for the legs (23 inches), but I insisted it would be too short so we used other wood at home and he had to cut the legs...oops! 

We had wood for the bottom at home, but not enough to cover. So I suggest getting a big piece that can be cut into three or however you need to make the bottom solid. We had it with openings and that was a disaster to the classroom floor. Much easier clean up with a full bottom. I was able to do that myself by getting some more wood, but would have worked doing it from the start too. Then sand it down and coat it if desired. 

The price:
two pieces of wood for the sides: $5 each
piece for the legs: $6
bottom part: we had the wood, but I do think this piece is a little more expensive
bins: $1 each from dollar tree

DIY Sensory Table

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

I love this Rubbermaid scrubber for getting gunk out. I recently used it for the sink drains and it was amazing. It does splatter though, so I like to use cleaning gloves! Click here for the link.

Cleaning gloves! Literally a game changer. I don't know why I ever cleaned without them. Click here for the link to the cute pink ones!

Perfect little vacuum for a bathroom clean. It would probably be good to have in the kitchen too, but it isn't as big as a black and decker. Click here for the link!

Drawer organizers are a MUST in our house. It helps Nick keep drawers organized and find things + I love the look of it! Win, win! Click here for the link.

Here is another set too!

This is the ultimate hair product!!!! My hair seriously went from stringy to healthy after one time. I use it weekly. I was super scared because you can't return it, but I instantly loved it and do it on my family lol. Click here for link!

So I haven't tried these yet, but I want to get them because K pods are so expensive and I feel like it is better for the environment? I could be making that up lol I have no idea, but they look so interesting to me! Click here for the link.

Want to make doing the dishes fun? Get this! Even my nephews like doing dishes with this. Click here for the link.

I have seen these all of Instagram, but decided to try it when I saw one at Walmart. I love it for my underarms and legs, bikini area not so much, but I have to shave daily. It gives such a close shave for real. Click here for the link.
If you hate your hose all over, invest in one of these. I feel like they probably last forever and it is so convenient! Click here for the link.

Last but not least, make up remover pads. They are microfiber and take off make up so easily with just water. These are the amazon brand and I will say I liked the Target one better, but they both do the job!

That's all! Hope you found something that you were looking for. :) All links are affiliate links!

Favorite Tik Tok Buys Summer 2022

Monday, August 8, 2022

It can be so hard to find the right books for you child when they are learning to read. The 'beginning reader' books are far too hard for our little babes who are just putting together sentences in stories. Here is a list of books that I like best! All of the books have good illustrations and are the texture of a 'glossy' book. I do not prefer the paper books with the black and white illustrations. I use books like that printed out in class, but books that cost a decent amount of money I would rather have color! :) I listed them through amazon (affiliate links) and scholastic. I know scholastic can be hard to navigate and I'm not sure if you need a code or not, but I left my code. You used to not be able to ship to your house, but you can now so if you need a code you can use ours!

1. First Little Comics
-Repeated Sentences
-Picture Clues
-Levels A through F

2. Buddy Readers
-Repeated Sentences
-Sound Out Words
-Picture Clues
-Levels A through F (E-F available on Amazon)

3. First Little Readers
-Relatable Content/Vocab
-Sound Out Words/Sight Words
-Available in Spanish and English
-Levels A through J

4. Nonfiction Easy Readers
-Real Life Pictures
-Levels A through F (E-F only in Nonfiction Sight Words)

5. Elephant and Piggie Books
-Parent/Teacher Modeling First
-Expressions on Characters
-One Word Pages

5 Easy Reader Books for Beginning Readers

Friday, June 24, 2022

Another dramatic play in The Beach Classroom.

Click here to skip straight to the product!

So I started this one way back in mid march of 2020. Which today seems like ten years ago. I literally went up to school that week later on to continue working on this and then they never got to do anything with it. Last school year we didn't get to it because we were in and out so they didn't get as many dramatic play stations. So this year is the year.

They were super hype to see this set out. Normally I have something having to do with food or a restaurant so this was definitely a switch up.

Here is the back view. The top left stays the same no matter what. It has the credit cards, phones, dry-erase markers, and extra money. (I do have the Melissa and Doug market cash register piece so a lot of the money stays in that.) Then the bottom two are for whatever set we have. I have learned that LESS is so much MORE. More organization, more time, more patience, more peace. LOL The more items you have the more cleaning they have to do. They start shoving things in the wrong place. Things go missing. It is such a pain. The labels come in my dramatic play pack. I also found that clear bins make the world go round. If you can see inside, they put it away right 95% of the time versus not clear bins. They will shove that junk wherever they please...insert queasy emoji lol.

Here is a little closer pic of the top left. They do a decent job of keeping the stuff in the right place because again, there isn't too much. That black thing in the money spot is a label maker, but they pretend it is a credit card machine LOL.

On the bottom left I have all the tools. We went over how they both say tools, but the one is for grooming and the other is for an exam. We discussed the differences and why the shampoo and hair trimmers are in one and the stethoscope and thermometer is in the other. It is really easy to expect them to have this vocabulary and know these things. It is easy to forget that some may have never read a book about this or have seen a show with these topics. So I always try to go over vocabulary and explain what things are. :)

This side is for pets and food. I got a lot of the pets at Walmart. The dog, cat, and food came with the Melissa and Doug pack, but I found a toy fish, turtle, and bird at Walmart. I tried to link some, but I got a lot of these two years ago. Your best bet would be to visit dollar trees, Walmart, or Target. You can also get a leftover box and print out a picture of dog food. Dramatic play has no rules!

I got these little tanks or carriers at Walmart. I hot glued fish rocks in the turtle cage, which did not go quite as planned. I remember thinking what the heck lol. However, it is good enough and when my kids saw it this year they said how it looks so realistic. Bless their hearts lol.  I put foam for the fish tank after realizing the rocks was a bust. The little plants are also from Walmart and I just hot glued them. The fish are not hot glued, but they sit up right so it works.

Thanks for reading!

Vet Dramatic Play

Friday, March 25, 2022

If you want to skip the reading and go right to the door decor pack click here!

So I did something wild yesterday. I let my kids decorate the door...

A few years ago I said I wanted to put up a new door every month. The kids love when the door is decorated to something new. I lasted maybe 2 months LOL. I try to decorate it at the beginning, but it is such a pain. It always falls down, I can't get it straight, etc etc etc.

Well last week one of my co-worker's decorated her door. It was a spring door with flowers and my kids of course were in awe. "Let's decorate our door!"

So yesterday morning during my morning coffee I randomly thought to make a packet of things they could decorate the door with. It is homeschool at school in our classroom so I thought, I'll give them the stuff and some examples and they can decorate it together.

I told them in the morning about it so they were pumped when it was time. I printed out all the stuff ahead of time and cut it into pieces, but not the exact item. Like I didn't cut the eggs to shape, but I cut them out so there was more than one to cut. That way everyone was working. I told them all the different things there were and how they would have to work together to decide how it would get done. They immediately started brainstorming. Two took charge with the names and followed my direction of writing it in black (hey they can decorate the door, but the color choices still need to be directed from my OCD...lollll). The rest started cutting and organizing how they would put the decor. I had told them not to glue until they lay it all out so they know it fits. The only thing they wanted me to help with was the letters/words.

They did an awesome job. There was barely any arguing. The only comments were things like 'hey watch your feet' or 'you are going to step on it'. So I would count that as a win. I also stayed calm which I am finding is easier to do the older I get lol. I actually time lapsed the process which was adorable.

The best part? They were so proud. One of the office aides was walking down to second grade and I saw my one run up to her and pull her towards the door. Later the office aide told me my little babe said "We made that!" Insert crying and heart eye emojis.

I am excited to do another one. We get out in May so technically there is only one more month left, but maybe we will switch it up more since I don't have to do all the work and they love it anyways!

Kid's Door Decor

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

If you've been around for awhile you know that I LOVE craftivities. I think they are so much more fun than just the regular day to day lessons and even more than random stations. I typically tend to hate station games and cut out cards because they get lost and what not. #iykyk

Over winter break I was trying to prep to come back and I knew I wanted to start doing a math craft every Friday. I am a creature of habit and routine, so I want to start doing Monday-Thursday stations and Friday craftivities.

I saw a few subtraction craftivities on pinterest, but they weren't really sparking my interest. I wanted something different than something being eaten and it needed to be winter themed. So penguins on and off an iceberg just popped into my head.

I decided to first let my kids color the penguins. I also made them number the back because I knew they would be all over the ground and no one would know which are theirs. So we did that, but it took longer than expected so I collected the strips before cutting and we saved it for Monday. On Monday I passed the penguins back out and they cut them apart. Then I gave them the iceberg to cut.

Once we were done I told them that we were going to practice problems. I put this up on the elmo so they could see it on the smartboard. I had them pull out five penguins and put the rest on their name tag. We did a few 5-3 and 5-4 type problems. Then I started changing up the numbers. We really focused on the 'minus number' being the number of penguins going swimming. I let them come up with some problems for all of us to do too.

Once we were done doing practice problems I showed them an example of what the craftivity would look like. Then I let them go on and do it. A few needed help with which numbers went where, but I just kept pushing the whole the minus number/the number being taken away is the penguins that are swimming. 

I keep using this term as we practice subtraction. That is why I love craftivities because I can refer back to them like a mentor text.

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Monday, January 17, 2022

It's time for the back to school sale.

Here is a list of resources that are my best sellers or ones that I just love!

Beginning Of The Year:



Dramatic Play:

Signs and Posters:

No Prep:

TpT Resources

Sunday, August 29, 2021