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Hello! It's almost been two years since I updated this...oops! I am still teaching Kindergarten and dance. I have stopped my bow business as it takes up too much time and I want to focus on other things like teaching and making teacher products for my TpT store. I also started a podcast about cleaning and organizing called Basically Minimal. My YouTube channel really hasn't grown, but that is okay because I still enjoy it and take breaks when I need. In March of 2021 I met my boyfriend, Nick. We currently live together and love it. My hobbies are pretty much Nick and whatever else is fun to me at the moment: puzzles, books, or our Nintendo switch! Some of my current goals would to be really focus on the podcast and grow my Instagram. Thanks for following along! :)

Hello, my name is Morgan. I decided that I am going to keep every about me update on my blog and just date it. I personally love following people's stories, so I figured why not? Anyways, I'm currently a Kindergarten teacher (we are in quarantine from Covid-19) and a dance teacher (also in quarantine, but hoping to get back soon). I also have a little bow business that I hope to grow! Right now my hobbies include: home decor, Instagram, blogging, YouTube, and digital design. I love creating classroom decor. I am a single chick and have a little pup, Sulley. The kids in my life are my number one. I pour into them and they are the lights of my life. I'm also an aunt, which is so fun. My current goals are to grow my bow business and my YouTube channel. I'd also like to write a couple of books, heal from life events, and re-do my house (new kitchen, backyard reno, and NO more carpet). Thanks for stopping!

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